Our Executive Committee

A Note from the President

Welcome to the 2021 Roma Show!


A wonderful annual event in our rural community for all to enjoy. The Committee has worked hard to deliver a show which will involve and
entertain all age groups. There is everything from cattle to cakes to clowns in keeping with the tradition of an Agricultural Show which is well over 100 years old!


A very big thank you to all the very generous sponsors who really make the show happen. It is appreciated very much by our Community and we
appreciate your solidarity.


To all the Volunteers who have donated their time and effort in bringing it to fruition-thank you from the people of the Maranoa. To all the Patrons of the show, thank you for attending and we hope you enjoy yourselves.


Let the show begin!



The 2022 Roma Show Executive Committee


Alanah Ladbrook


Christina Barrett

Vice President Senior

Michael Jensen

Jnr Vice President

Tyson Campbell


Stephanie Sando


Amanda Watson
Katrina Faint