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Ute Muster

John Stafford


Phone: 0439 941 884

Ute Muster 2023!
Saturday May 13th 2023

All Ute enthusiasts are invited to participate at the Roma Show 2023. We look forward to seeing you there.


Qld Ag Show

UTE Categories

  • Street Ute

  • B&S Ute

  • Chicks Ute

  • 4x4 Ute

  • Work Ute

  • Classic Ute

Nominations Close: Saturday May 13th at 11am

Pre Registration is encouraged

Judging will Commence 11.30am

Presentations at 2pm

Entry Fee $10 First Category

$5 each other entry.

Judges Decision is Final

Specialty Ute's

  • Roo Shooters Ute

  • Holden Ute

  • Ford Ute

  • Feral Ute

  • Town 'n' Country Ute

And this year we have not forgotten the Cars.....

  • Best Classic Car 30+ years of age

  • Best Vintage 50+ Years of age


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