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Fashion Parade


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Tahnie Walker

Hi my name is Mandy Watson.


3 years ago I was approached by the Roma Show Society to start up the Fashion Parade, as it hadn't been running for several years. I thought it would be an excellent opportunity to advertise and promote local businesses. So with the support of my husband David and close friends I took on the challenge.

The nature of the Fashion Parade has changed over the years, where once a fist full of dollars were readily donated, now everything has to be accounted for and done with a lot of work and support, not only from myself and David but from volunteers and everyone associated with the fashion parade.  Without the funds and inkind sponsorship from our wonderful sponsors, this can't be achieved.

A lot of work and hours go into providing this event for the public to enjoy.  It gives the local businesses an opportunity to promote what they have on offer at their stores and encourage local trade.

Just to give you an idea on what happens in the lead up to  the Fashion Parade.


10 months prior:-

  • Find sponsorship to cover the costs (DJ, decorations, lucky door prizes, gifts and food for the Gala night, hairdressers and make up people).

  • Start looking for models

  • Pick a theme.

  • Approach fashion houses to see who would like to provide their clothing. (The fashion houses need to be contacted at this stage as they order 8-10 months in advance so they can cover for the stock instore as well as used in the Fashion Parade).

8 months prior: -

  • Still try and find sponsorship. If there isn’t enough sponsorship start fundraising such as raffles, money boards and sausage sizzles.

5 months prior:-

  • Double check with the models to see if they are still available

  • Keep in contact with the fashion house just to let them know how things are progressing.

2-3 months prior:-

  • Collect keys for the venue to start cleaning and decorating.

1-2 months prior:-

  • Sit down with the DJ and sort out music.

1 month prior :-

  • Make sure everyone is still on board.

1 week prior:-

  • Collect clothes from fashion houses

  • Start rehearsals.

1 Day prior:-

  • Set up tables and shop for food for gala night.

Day of gala night

  • Prepare food and do final adjustments.

Day after the show finishes:-

  • Pack everything up and clean out the venue.

Next work day:-

  • Return all clothes back to the fashion houses.

Without the dedication of the models and volunteers who help out in the background, as well as sponsorship this event wouldn't happen. A massive thank you goes out to everyone involved.

Check out some of the action from our 2018 Fashion Parade......

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